Three things that we value most when building software are:

  1. Serves its purpose, and nothing more - We take every opportunity to discover what the software should accomplish for its users, and focus on that, avoiding overengineering and bloat. Thus, both development time and complexity are reduced. We often also leverage data from previous systems and early experiments to enable making solid decisions on the project scope.

  2. It Works - Really: We’d rather complete a feature or two less, than ship something that only works half of the time, and blows up in the user’s face otherwise. Key functions in everything we implement is tested in an appropriate fashion (be it automated end-to-end or unit testing or manually), so that it also continues to work after related changes. Knowing that our software is always in a working state also enables taking updated versions into use daily, which we’ve done successfully in multiple projects.

  3. Maintainability. One can have confidence further developing our tested code that they won’t break things, and yet we know how to avoid being so strict in the tests that they allow no change at all. Furthermore, not only do we shy away from messy or clumsy code, but also the tricks that are too clever to understand later. And to us this is not just about upkeep years down the road, as we also know the importance of codebase health for maintaining brisk pace during the initial development effort.

Which technologies do we use/know? Well, to start with, Javascript/Typescript, Node.js, React, React Native, Dart & Flutter, Vue, Angular, HTML5, CSS, Python, Swift, Go, C/C++, Java, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, REST, Web Sockets, Amazon AWS, Docker, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Tableau, TensorFlow, Caffe, Git, … and so on. You know, most probably this never-ending and always-updating list includes the tech that gets your project done, or at least we know something so similar that we’ll pick your tech up quickly enough.

We have seen the software we have built in an agile workflow meet its users’ needs best, and can also help you apply lean and agile practices to your project.

We are both happy to consider implementing your software in its entirety, or working with your team to get a solid foundation in place and the project on the right track, or to bring you that key push to finish up for the launch.

Come and talk to us about your software needs! Even if you decided to do the development by yourself or with a different partner, we promise that you will at least discover a few good ideas and key things to consider by chatting with us. Just contact us to get started!