We provide software development and agile coaching services that help your company get the most out of your software investment.


Digital services play an increasingly central role for today’s businesses in maintaining their competitive advantage. The evolving technological environment, interplay with complex business requirements and hefty customer expectations mean that succeeding in software projects requires skilled consideration of an ever broader array of aspects.

Jakso’s experts not only help you make and implement sound technological decisions - we also identify the most crucial of your business goals and enable your team to work as fluently as possible towards them. We believe in a release-early-update-often approach and are confident that we can start delivering tangible benefit to your business very quickly.

Technology-wise, we are generalists, but full stack web and mobile development, machine learning and analytics is where we have the most first-hand experience. We are also happy to lend you our years of experience utilizing and continuously improving Kanban and Scrum practices in various kinds of teams and projects.

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Software Development

Full-stack web and mobile development, machine learning and analytics using state-of-the-art technologies.

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AGile / DevOps

Proven agile methods and the tools that enable them, tailored to serve your team, situation and goals.

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