Feel like agile development is not working for your team? Do your backlog items take forever to groom and it still isn’t clear what they should achieve? Despite all the roles and ceremonies from the Scrum book being in use, it just seems impossible to fit in that newly discovered business requirement to the schedule? All the estimation, prioritization, scope discussions and whatnot just seem to obscure the overall progress? Been there? So have we. Let’s find the way to make agile work for your team together!

Rather than just re-preach the tenets of Scrum and/or Kanban to you, our main means for improving how you fare with your project, is facilitating regular retrospective meetings for your development team, possibly even incorporating your stakeholders. This is because it is the team and nobody else who really knows best what would enable them to get their job done more fluently, in their particular situation and with their background. However, the dozens of retros we have experience of has taught us that outside help is essential in translating those insights into action, and that’s where Jakso can come in for you.

Contact us now to discuss which kind of retro would serve you best.

We can also keep an eye out for ways to avoid hitches in your process when we are developing your software together with your team.